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If you have been waiting to create your own craft project, let us help you to learn the skills. We offer the following workshops from team bonding to school events for your learning.

Crochet • Knitting • Beads weaving • Needle felting • Paper quilling • Patchwork • Customised Doll Charm • 

Craft Workshops for schools

Research has shown that kids who receive craft lessons while they are young become more imaginative and creative adults.

We understand the importance of this and we are helping schools to teach craft lessons for schools. If you are looking for craft lessons for your students, please kindly discuss with us, we will design the craft lessons according to your unique needs.

Craft Workshops for Private Events

Strongly believe the power of bonding through crafting? We curate a variety of craft workshops to bring you and your team a great experience and ensure our team building event will be fun for all!

By understanding and learning to create their own projects, team members can pick up a new hobby.

Enjoy your next team building activities with us.

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