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Sewing and Fabrics

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Bias Tape Cutting Ruler (cm) (Clover)

Measure accurately and align exactly parallel to your measurements. Measures up to 9cm x 36cm.

Bias Tape Maker (Clover)

Customize your own bias tape using the fabric of your choice.

Bond for Handicraft (60g) (Clover)

Turns clear as it dries and its great for cotton, linen, wool, rayon, leather, paper and wood.

Brilliant White Repair (Dylon)

Remove tough stains in the wash from 30°C, special whitening agents give the whites back to original brightness.

Colour Catcher (Dylon)

Helps prevent colour runs to your fabric and allows mixed washes.

Cotton Fabric Solid Colors (110cm) (Lecien)

This cotton fabric is perfect for apparel, quilting and more!