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Embroidery & Cross Stitch

Embroidery Thread (Cosmo 25)

Brand: COSMO

Composition: 100% Cotton

COSMO Embroidery flosses are made exclusively out of 100% Egyptian cotton of top quality. Suitable for cross stitch and embroidery.

Available in 446 colours.

Embroidery Thread Bobbin (Maison de COSMO)

Decorative and useful which makes it perfect for organizing your floss and gifts.

Embroidery Thread Bobbin (Maison de COSMO)

Has a unique vintage look that is great for your Cosmo embroidery flosses.

Embroidery thread No.25 (DMC)

Brand: DMC
Material: 100% Cotton, colourfast.
Description: 8 metres (8.7 yard), 6 strands each skein.
Colours: 500 colours

Great for cross-stitch and embroidery projects.

MOULINÉ Étoile Embroidery Thread (DMC)

Brand: DMC

– 6-strand divisible thread.
– Each skein measures 8 meters in length.

– Stitch with the stars with our premium embroidery thread: Mouliné Étoile
– Featuring a brilliant twinkle effect, this cotton floss will add a delicate shimmer and elegant sparkle to your next handmade project.
– Adds an irresistible effect to your next work of art.

Nishikiito Metallic Embroidery Thread

Brand: COSMO

– “Nishikiito” is a Made in Japan hand embroidery metallic thread.
– Carefully crafted by utilizing the technique for Japanese  Gold Thread used traditional Japanese Clothings.
– Threads are soft, smooth and abrasion-resistant.
– 20 meters per spool.

– Adds the sparkle into your embroidery projects.

Plastic Thread Bobbin (GDS)

Plastic bobbin for embroidery threads.

Sparkle Metallic Embroidery Thread

The soft shiny color of this floss gives an elegant glitter to your needlework project.